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How to buy DRIP Crypto from FIAT — Newbie Tutorial Guide

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

This is a concise tutorial to help you getting started with buying Drip using FIAT currencies. If you don’t have an exchange you will need to create one in order to exchange your Euros, USD etc into crypto.

You will also need a WEB3 wallet such as Meta Mask.

(Watch this video tutorial or scroll below for written guide)

Lets get started with this Tutorial...

Buying BNB from Binance

1. Firstly pick and exchange that sells BNB like Binance, Kucoin or FTX , just to name a few. (In our case we will use Binance).

2. Buy some BNB. (Buy extra BNB to leave in your wallet for gas fees for buying drip, adding a buddy referral address and adding drip into the faucet).

Drip Crypto

3. Withdraw your BNB to your favourite Web3 Wallet such as Meta Mask. Use the same address that you will be using for your new DRIP account.

The address can be obtained in Meta Mask by clicking under the Account Name as highlighted in this image).

Buy Drip Token from the Fountain

4. Once the BNB is in your Meta mask account you may proceed to exchange it for DRIP. Go to the Drip Fountain page which is DRIP’s DEX (Decentralised Exchange) and connect your Meta mask wallet.

Add the amount of BNB you want to exchange from DRIP but beware to leave some BNB for gas fees. Click the gear wheel and change the slippage to 0.5%. If the transaction fails increase the slippage.

Add Drip Token to Meta mask

5. After buying DRIP you may not see it in your Meta mask wallet. If this is the case then open Meta mask and click on Add Token and add the address from the DRIP contract.

Add Buddy address for your new Drip account

6. Our next step is to create our DRIP account. Go to the DRIP Faucet page and make sure your wallet is still connected. Scroll to the middle to the page to add a Buddy address.

You address will be connected under this account and it is a necessary step to start a DRIP account.

You may use the following buddy address: 0xbd9C78c89D55481433392CD866D5C96738E52c36 Enter the address and press update. You will need to pay a one time gas fee this update. Message me on for any questions.

Deposit Drip token into the Faucet

7. Now its time to deposit DRIP into you account. Press Max to add all the DRIP you just bought and click Deposit. You will be asked to confirm one last transaction. Once that is completed your DRIP will be deposited and your account will start giving you back 1% of your deposited balance each day!

Hydrate your Drip Token

8. Next you will need to Hydrate (recompound) your account. You make like to do this everyday or once every other day. The choice is yours, however hydrating each day leads to the highest ROI.


For more on maximising and getting the most out of your DRIP account read my other post The DRIP Network — Fine Tune your Drip account for top earnings.

If you are still unsure about how drip works and would like to know more about its sustainability read my article The Drip Network — Is it Sustainable? Is it Scam??

If you found this tutorial helpful consider supporting us by joining our drip team.

Join us and get bonuses when you deposit or recompound (hydrate)!!
Here's How...
Step 1: Buy DRIP Token HERE
Step 2: Go to the FAUCET
Step 3: Find ‘Get a buddy’ and put in 0xbd9C78c89D55481433392CD866D5C96738E52c36Click here for a step by step guide to buy DRIP

Message me on 

This article was taking from my personal Medium Crypto Fountain profile page.

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