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We have made the necessary adjustment to the Casino

Forex Shark

19 Nov 2021

We have made the necessary adjustment to the Casino in order to make it functional with the existing contracts TreasureKey is working with.

We were told by the Treasurekey team that it was possible to integrate a deflationary asset with their casino and we followed their instructions to set this up. It's not possible to integrate a deflationary asset into a casino game unless there is an intermediary contract which act as a whitelisted casino balance for the users. This is something I knew before but since they said it was possible to integrate deflationary assets with their system and they had us whitelist contracts, I thought this is what they were doing (since it's the only way to do it).

So we made a short term fix to get the Casino up immediately and that is to use DRIP/BUSD Pancakeswap LP tokens.

LP tokens the house earns through it's edge will be permanently removed from circulation, locking that liquidity to create stability and a higher price floor for DRIP on Pancakeswap.

We may create an intermediary casino balance contract as well, in house, which will allows people to bet single asset DRIP.

Keep in mind that our DRIP Liberation contract will be out soon and we will tie it into the Casino's page on our front end to ensure people who use the casino will not pay a tax. This may end up being the more favorable option in the end anyway since there would be an initial 10% tax when you send DRIP to the casino's user balance contract, but there will be no tax at all using DRIP/BUSD lp and the liberation contract.

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