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The Manor Farm has the latest cutting edge tech

Forex Shark

30 Nov 2021

I am so excited to share our updated front end for https://TheManor.Farm

The Manor Farm has the latest cutting edge tech and ground breaking game theory that will allow us to outperform every other yield farm and become the new standard for generating on chain yield through liquidity providing and lending. It is important that we back up this technical innovation with an equally aesthetic and attractive front end, so we did a full overhaul of the art style and layout, even down to hand drawn frame by frame animations to present a product that the community can really be proud to share.

The current plan is to announce the presale/launch date this week so stay tuned and prepare for life changing profits both on the farm and DRIP.

I am so proud to be a member of our community, keep up the great work everyone. We have the most talented and positive community online Lets share the new site on every platform and group we can think of.

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