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How to Buy BR34P

In order to receive referral and round robins rewards you must have BR34P in your crypto wallet.

Step 1. Go to Pancake Swap V1 (please note that you can only buy BR34P using V1

Step 2. Tick the Check Box where is says "I understand that V1 is no longer supported, and I may experience significant slippage, resulting in lost capital.". 

Step 3. Click on "Continue to V1 Anyway"

Step 4. Go to the top right and click on "Connect" and chose the wallet you want to connect to. I will use Meta Mask  as my crypto wallet for this example.

Step 5. Select BNB in the "FROM" box. 


Step 6. In the "TO" box paste the BR34P address 0xa86d305a36cdb815af991834b46ad3d7fbb38523 as its not listed in Pancake swap. (You can get the BR34P address from

Step 7. Keep the slippage set to 3%. You may want to play around with lower values however most likely it will cause the transaction to fail and possibly still charge you a fee. If you still get failed transactions increase the slippage percentage by clicking on settings icon.

Step 8. Enter the amount your want to Swap. There is a 2% tax on buying BR34P so make sure to buy a little more than you need. Please note that the further down your referral downline the more BR34P you need to hold in your crypto wallet in order to receive your bonuses. Read here to understand how the downlines and referral system works.

Step 9. Review and Confirm the Swap.


Step 10. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for a successful transaction notification.

Step 11. Your BR34P is now in your crypto wallet. You might not be able to see it however if you open Metamask and  scroll down to "Import Token" you will be able to add it. Enter the BR34P address 0xa86d305a36cdb815af991834b46ad3d7fbb38523 , set BR34P as symbol and leave Token Decimal at 0. Now you should be able to see your BR34P balance

Pancake V1.PNG
pancake exchange.PNG
confirm swap.PNG
add br34p.PNG
pancake exchange.PNG
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