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Drip Analysis

Make use of these analysis tools to follow and understand Drip crypto closely. Watch price action, monitor traded volumes, buy and sell or query the Drip contract itself.

Drip Network Contracts

Using BSC Scan we can perform on chain analysis and use the in built contract functions to learn more about Drip and its users.

DRIP Token

Faucet Contract

Fountain Contract

Reservoir  Contract















Full Details and Trading view chart to view Drip's price action












In depth analysis on the Faucet Contract

  • Last 30-Days Daily New Accounts

  • Monthly New Accounts

  • Total Drippers

  • Total Faucet

  • Drippers Deposits 0 to 5000 DRIP

  • Drippers Deposits 5000+ DRIP

  • DRIP/BNB Ratio - Last 30 days












Monitor Drip volumes traded

  • Top Buyers and Sellers for Drip

  • Recent Trades for Drip

  • All-Time Trads for Drip

  • Drip Tading Volume past 24hours


BR34P Price Action and Trading View




R34P Price Action Trading Chart View


Drip Price Action and Trading Chart View

Drip Faucet Analytics and Reporting
Drip Token Analysis on SideKick
BR34P Price Action
R34P Price Action
Drip Token Price Action
Drip Token Network on Coin market cap
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Buddy Address: 0xbd9C78c89D55481433392CD866D5C96738E52c36

  • Bonuses each time you deposit 

  • Bonuses back on your Hydrates (round robin bonus)

  • One-on-one assistance to set up a Drip Account

  • Coaching on setting up your own team

  • ​Consultation and Strategy planning for optimizing multiple accounts

  • Short Round Robins

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