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Drip Network Tax System

In order to create a DEFI product that can pay out 1% daily returns consistently you need to have a solid system that can maintain these pay outs. In order to do this you need to tax transactions in order to create profits. This might sound counter intuitive but in reality its what makes the DRIP Network so great.

Why most DEFI Products Fail

Many DEFI products in the crypto world out there may offer up to even 6% daily returns but they always end up drying out after a few months as there is no mechanism in place to keep giving steady pay outs (I know this from experience as I ended up losing out many times). They rely on minting new tokens which creates inflation and depreciates the token or they may lower the percentage pay out as the withdrawals out weigh the deposits. This in turn creates a less attractive product for new joiners to invest in and with no new fresh investors the whole system collapses in no time.

Why DRIP Network Works!

As already mentioned the DRIP Network has a way of taxing transitions that in turn pay your daily 1%. Drip will tax more if you are earning more so as to give everyone a chance to make it. Lets break down the taxes.

Fountain Contact

  • 10% Tax - Selling Drip to BNB

Faucet Contract

  • 10% Tax - To deposit Drip in the Faucet Contract (includes received Airdrops)

  • 10% Tax - Claim out Drip from the Faucet Contact

  • 5% Tax - Each time you Hydrate (Re compound) your earnings.

  • Whale Tax - the higher percentage of Drip token you hold compared to the total supply the more tax you are charged on withdrawing from the faucet. (Its based on claimed + available to claim). 





If you found our site helpful consider supporting us by joining our drip team

  • Bonuses each time you deposit 

  • Bonuses back on your Hydrates (round robin bonus)

  • One-on-one assistance to set up a Drip Account

  • Coaching on setting up your own team

  • ​Consultation and Strategy planning for optimizing multiple accounts

  • Short Round Robins


Here's How...

Step 1: Buy DRIP Token HERE
Step 2: Go to the FAUCET
Step 3: Find ‘Get a buddy’ and put in 0xbd9C78c89D55481433392CD866D5C96738E52c36

Click here for a step by step guide — How to transfer your FIAT Currency into DRIP


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Drip Token Network Whale Tax
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