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The Referral System


The referral system is what keeps people incentivised to spread the word about the Drip crypto, helping it grow organically with very little marketing. 

To be able to receive referral bonuses one must have BR34P in their wallet (how to buy BR34P). You will also need to have a positive NDV to collect bonuses.


The Bonuses


The Initial Round Robin Bonus applies to direct accounts (one level down). Any account that joins using your account address will qualify as a direct referral and you will receive 10% equivalent of their bonus direct into your deposit amount (after the 10% deposit tax). Team wallets receive 7.5% and give back 2.5% to the child account.

The Hydrate Round Robin Bonus may be collected from all your down line accounts (up to 15 levels max) given that you have enough BR34P in your account. Round Robin is collected (when your downlines hydrate) in turns meaning that you can only collect once per cycle of downlines, until is your turn again in the following cycle, as depicted in the example below.

Above we can see that 'Your Account' has 3 downlines meaning that you will need to have 5 BR34P in your crypto wallet to collect the round robin bonus from Level 3. Remember levels can only keep on going down to 15.


Here's an example:

  • L1 referral hydrates. You will get 5% bonus of the hydrate.

  • When L1 referral hydrates again Your Buddy will get the 5% bonus.

  • Next time L1 referral hydrates the bonus will go to DEV account.

  • On the next L1 referral hydrate no one gets the bonus.

  • The following hydrate Your Account that gets the bonus again and so on.

  • If Your Account is a team account meaning is have 5 or more referrals then Your Account will get only 3.75% and 1.25% will go back to the account that hydrated.

  • If an account has no BR34P then they will be skipped and lose their turn. The account above will have their turn next.

(Please note bonus rates may change without notice to accommodate system sustainability)

BR34P amounts needed to collect downline Bonus

DEV Account 

Level 3 Referral

Level 2 Referral

Level 1 Referal

Your Account

Your Buddy

br34p level.JPG
If you found our site helpful consider supporting us by joining our drip team


Buddy Address: 0xbd9C78c89D55481433392CD866D5C96738E52c36

  • Bonuses each time you deposit 

  • Bonuses back on your Hydrates (round robin bonus)

  • One-on-one assistance to set up a Drip Account

  • Coaching on setting up your own team

  • ​Consultation and Strategy planning for optimizing multiple accounts

  • Short Round Robins

BR34P Downline
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