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The Fountain

The fountain contract is Drip Network's own DEX (decentralised exchange). The fountain allows players to swap BNB for DRIP using pancake swap functionality without paying any fees. Players are also able to sell Drip for BNB  (10% sell tax applies).


Liquidity Supply

The supply in the Fountain is the Liquidity Supply. The USD price for the Drip crypto comes from the liquidity in the fountain contract, as this supply decreases, the BNB value increases thus bringing up the Drip price (the fluctuating price of BNB will also effect the Drip token price). All of the supply cannot be gone due to the nature of how the custom DEX works:

When someone buys from a DEX they are always only getting a % of the existing tokens in the liquidity pool and changing the ratio between the DRIP-BNB in the pool. This means you can never remove all the DRIP from the pool, you can only increase the ratio of DRIP-BNB in the pool which increases the price as the supply of DRIP is reduced. If drip starts dramatically decreasing from the Fountain players would be trading in fractions of Drip token. (In the extremely unlikely event that Drip drops below 1 token in the fountain then new Drip token can be minted).


Circulating Supply

This is the amount of Drip token available to be purchased. The amount is derived by subtracting from all the Drip that is locked in the Faucet contract, pancake swap and in wallets from the total supply which is 1,000,000 drip tokens. The lower the circulating amount the higher demand hence the higher the price of Drip crypto will climb. 

Drip Network Foutain
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