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Drip Network's Animal Farm

Drip Network's Animal Farm is the latest addition to Drip's Eco System. It promises high rewards that are stable and consistent by being the first farm ever to use a dynamic decentralized supply control algorithm designed to keep the price of Dogs and Pigs strong. More demand will increase rewards whilst dips in demand will decrease supply by tightening emissions.

This crypto Animal Farm is the first deflationary yield farm where the participants as also the owners of the farm by holding the PIGS token which in turn can be staked in the Pig Pen in return for BUSD.


Drip garden crypto protocol can be used to create more BUSD/DRIP that can then staked for DOGS token.


Piggy Bank crypto protocol allows you to stake PIGS/BUSD and add more utility for the PIGS token by creating incentive to farm, hold and purchase more PIGS.

Up to 3% Daily on the Drip Garden and Piggy Bank Protocol! 


PIGS Token / DOGS Token

PIGS token can be earned by staking the DOGS token as a single stake or by pairing it up with BNB or BUSD. There are also many other options of LPs that can be staked for the DOGS Token.

Animal Farm raising the crypto yielding bar!

The Collateral that is staked on the protocol is rehypothecated to Pancakeswap's lending protocol. This will generate more yield which will be used to buy DOGS Token and PIGS Token directly from the market. The tokens bought will be then burnt and in doing so this will raise the price of the tokens!

DRIP Garden

The crypto Drip garden is design to give a fair start to all players regardless of when they join the game, paying out  up to 3% a day. Unlike many other miner protocols that give advantage to older players, the Drip garden will pay out all players relatively equal at 0.1% a day but will start to give more buying power to those who compound more often so be sure to compound as soon as your seeds are ready to be planted! 

Piggy Bank

The animal farm PIGGY BANK protocol gives players the chance to earn 3% by staking PIGS/BUSD. It gives weight to players who invest long term through a  time multiplier meaning that the longer time you stake the greater the buying power. The more you compound the better the ROI rate. If you don't compound and only claim then your 3% ROI will start to decrease. Start earning your daily 3% here.



The Piggy Bank pays out in PIGLETS and TRUFFLES. Once you deposit you will receive TRUFFLES that can be then compounded to buy PIGLETS. When you feed your piglets with truffles you earn more piglets. The more piglets you own the more truffles they can find.


Variable ROI

Piglets are not tradable, they are only a placeholder to represent the ROI that you can earn. ROI is payed in TRUFFLES which are a tradable asset who's price is based on the contract balance. Compounding truffles regularly at a rate equal of greater then the average user allows a  3 % ROI. Hence players that claim frequent will see their ROI rate drop daily.

Staking and Bonus

Multiple stakes are also allowed from the same wallet. Ending the staking early is possible however only half the principle is received back and 100% of the penalty will go to other stakers still in the game. 30% of the bonus achievable will be added to the initial principal investment in the first 75% of the staking time. The other 75% of the bonus will be added to the principal investment at the last 25% of the staking time.

Example: Stake 10 BUSD PIGS token for 10 days at 10% bonus (this is just an example ROI). You get 3 tokens in 7days and the remaining 7 tokens will be available to you only on the last 3 days.

Piggy Bank Referrals

In order to receive bonuses from your referrals you must hold DOGS in the single staking DOGS pool in the Animal Farm. Bonus percentage is worked out depending on how many DOGS you hold.

  • 1% - 2 DOGS

  • 2% - 3 DOGS

  • 3% - 5 DOGS

  • 4% - 8 DOGS

  • 5% - 13 DOGS

Max Payout

Compounding regularly will keep the stake open. Stakes that are being claimed from and not being compounded will reach a max payout limit. Max payout is 10 x the deposit amount. The more you increase the deposit amount through compounding or adding referrals the larger the max payout amount.

For more detailed information about this crypto Animal Farm check out the white paper.

Join The Animal Farm now! 

Drip Garden
Piggy Farm
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