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Just about me and my love for Drip

I'm Crypto Fountain ⛲️ a trader and crypto investor. I came across Drip at the beginning of summer 2021 and have been hooked ever since.


I've put this site together to spread the good word about Drip. Probably one of the most under rated decentralised financial products out there! 

The aim of this site is to gather as much information as possible and create a knowledge base for the Drip network. If you there is something you want to know about more and haven't found it on this site hit me up with a message and I will be sure to make a post up about it.

If you found this page helpful and would like to show your appreciation add me as your buddy in your new Drip account. If you already have a buddy don't be shy to send some drip my way 😁.


If you found our site helpful consider supporting us by joining our drip team


Buddy Address: 0xbd9C78c89D55481433392CD866D5C96738E52c36

  • Bonuses each time you deposit 

  • Bonuses back on your Hydrates (round robin bonus)

  • One-on-one assistance to set up a Drip Account

  • Coaching on setting up your own team

  • ​Consultation and Strategy planning for optimizing multiple accounts

  • Short Round Robins

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