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What is the Drip Network?

The DRIP Network is taking the DEFI crypto world by storm. People are opening Drip accounts for themselves and their families. The drip telegram group is full of stories of how people are paying fees for their children's tuition, huge medical bills for friends and creating accounts to safe guard the future of their loved ones.


Drip Network has gained popularity amongst crypto community due to its ability to sustainably pay 1% daily return. Drip Crypto is the only deflationary daily ROI token that pays stakers and referrers from a tax on transactions and not through inflation! 

Drip Network Contracts

The Drip Network is made up of 3 primary contracts: 


The DRIP token has a 10% tax on all transactions except for buying Drip. The tax goes into the faucet pool which is used to pay the daily ROI and referral bonuses.

The Faucet is a staking contract that allows you to earn a consistent 1% daily return of your deposit passively, and 

The Reservoir which is the Drip Network’s solution for players that want to benefit from non inflationary yield farming through adding liquidity.

Drip Token

Drip Token is a BEP-20 crypto token that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. There are 1,000,000 tokens in total. Tokens are bought from the swap page known as the Fountain. Drip can be deposited in the Faucet to earn more drip by re compounding. Drip usages are being added continuously such as the newly launched casino games, upcoming manor, animal farm and an NFT game.

1% Daily Return? Is it a Scam? Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

These were the very first questions that came to mind when I first heard of the Drip Network and I'm sure those same questions brought you here. Obviously when things are too good be true we always think of a scam or pyramid scheme. Drip differentiates itself from its crypto peers primarily through its hydrating function (re compounding) and its smartly developed tax system. Drip crypto has a very strong dedicated community behind it. In this article you will find the answer to your questions. Read more...

How do I start investing and earning 1% daily?

To start earning 1% daily returns you need to buy Drip crypto using BNB. You will then need to open a DRIP account and deposit your DRIP token there. Click here for a detailed newbies guide that will walk you through all the steps. 

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Here's how to join start a Drip Token account

Step 1: Buy DRIP Token go to the FOUNTAIN
Step 2: Go to the FAUCET
Step 3: Find ‘Get a buddy’ and put in 0xbd9C78c89D55481433392CD866D5C96738E52c36

Click here for a step by step guide how to buy Drip Token


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